R.O.A.R. for Hands on Nashville

Last Saturday (9/22), I was having a lovely morning sitting on the front porch in East Nashville, sipping on some fresh juiced veggies and warming up with a coffee. The weather was perfect, the day full of promise of ease and relaxation. Last minute, I received a notification and an invitation to join the Roots of a Rebellion band to help work at Shwab Elementary School. Right down the road- a chance to get involved in the city I love so much- an opportunity to work with strangers and make new friends- but I was having a nice morning to myself….

In that same moment I sat up, questioning why I would settle for a comfy morning on the porch when I could be out having a new experience and giving of my time and efforts for something greater. But there was only an hour and a half left of the work day… So what? I threw on a change of clothes and went anyways. While my biggest project was picking up trash from a school playground and emptying water bottles to be recycled, I was glad to even have some small role in the amazing endeavors of locals all around Nashville volunteering their time.

Hands on Nashville is committed to making a change in our local community with continual opportunities to help out here and there, hosting special events that incorporate and combine different parts of Nashville, and sharing awareness of how you can help “meet community needs through volunteerism.”

This was their largest HON Day on record, way to go Nashville!

Some fast facts:

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Hands on Nashville Day

Hands on Nashville Organization

Volunteer Opportunities

After helping a bit with the Roots of a Rebellion guys and other incredible volunteers who spent their entire morning working at the elementary school, we followed each other down the road to Limelight for a free lunch complete with dessert and drinks. All of the groups that had been split up through Nashville re-convened here where Roots of a Rebellion played several short sets throughout the after-party to help celebrate the awareness and volunteer efforts generated for the event.  The band is trying to expand their “Roots Crew,” what they have explained as:

“We want to be more than just a band. We are inspired by the power of music to bring people together. Let’s use it to make a serious positive impact on our world. Fans, family, and friends together make up the Roots Crew. Our main objective is to bring people together to help those in need by creating opportunities in our home base of Nashville. We humbly invite you to join our movement and help spread positive vibes to those in need.”

Austin Smith (St. Louis), Alec Newnam (New Jersey), Troy Wiggins (Florida), Marco Martinez (Clarksville), Jeremyck Smith (Nashville), Justin Smith (Nashville) and Paul Violante (Boston)  met a little over 2 years ago at Belmont University. The guys have brought more than just music and lyrics to each others’ lives though; they all have a distinct and inspiring passion for making a difference wherever they can. They have worked with Habitat for Humanity, helped lead a volunteer group for Hands on Nashville and other community endeavors.

“It has been such a unifying thing.”

Since then the band has developed their own niche sound, bringing together a lot of different musically backgrounds, and are currently gearing up for their “Inner Light” EP release show at Exit/In on October 4th. Listen to one of their favorites to get a feel for the reggae-rock-awesomeness that they embrace in Giving Tree.

Working to make even a small difference in someone else’s life will inevitably make a monumental difference in yours… get connected with these guys as they plow through the streets of Nashville and beyond!

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