Live on the Green, Week 3

This week we’ve stuck with our roots, and as Patrick Swayze…. crap, I did it again… (maybe he hasn’t danced into our hearts, but he’s singing his way in there).

As Billy Swayze said in his album titled track, “You’ve got that good stuff.” Yes Billy, you do. Maybe you were even one of the lucky ones to get a “CRAZY FOR SWAYZE” wristband… The official word on his new album “Good Stuff” that set that it is “coming soon,” so stay tuned.

His musicianship began in Bowling Green Kentucky when he was no more than 14 yrs old. Swayze has had time to settle into his own, which now sounds like the many reflected steps of his life: southern rock roots, something of an atmospheric vibe resonates through his fun lyrics and soulful yet surprisingly poppy melodies.

Things took a bit of a turn after Swayze rock ‘n’ rolled off the stage, and Lighting 100’s Music City Mayhem contest winners Roots of a Rebellion emerged out of the stage wings to settle us down with some reggae inspired indie-rock tunage. From all over the U.S., these guys met each other at Belmont and in the greater Nashville area only a few years ago, and have since set out on a mission to change their town with their music and their passion for taking care of those around them. ROAR has dubbed the “Roots Crew” to reach out to people ready to pour love back into their cities through helping hands and ready hearts. Complete interview with the band and coverage over the Hands on Nashville project that took place last Saturday (9/22) HERE

Get plugged in with the Roots Crew and their strive for more community involvement and outreach in Nashville!

Missing Cats feat. John “Jojo” Hermann & Sherman Ewing, band number three of four, reminded us of the New Orleans roots that we dug up in Week 1 of LOTG with Jon Cleary and Dr. John. What was Sherman and the Bureaucrats in the 80s has reunited to become the Missing Cats we know today. Jojo and Sherman met in NYC, and they have since then played on and off together. Their acoustic duo dynamics makes for a lyric-conscious experience full of classic and new sounds.

Last, we got to experience some good ole Mississippi rock ‘n’ roll, country blues with the North Mississippi Allstars. Two brothers with separate careers, brought together by the recent death of their father, have come together to let him live forever through their songs.

Their latest, “Keys to the Kingdom” (2011), is a birds-eye-view experience of two brother’s travelling along the road of grief, searching for their way back home. You can hear the stages of overcoming despair as you enter the anger in the beginning of the album, and move towards something like resolve and then renewal. The focus on their father’s life and the happiness there-in sets this apart as a commemorative, joyful eulogy rather than a sad and hopeless call for someone who cannot answer back. Letting go is not forgetting, and searching for new meaning after someone’s death adds to their honor and memory rather than leaving them behind- these are motifs that resonate through the album. It is a journey you must take.

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  1. […] winning Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem contest in 2012, Roots of a Rebellion took the stage at Live on the Green. In the last year and a half, the reggae rock band has continued to make […]

  2. […] winning Lightning 100’s Music City Mayhem contest in 2012, Roots of a Rebellion took the stage at Live on the Green. In the last year and a half, the reggae rock band has continued to make […]

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