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Spring Has Sprung: Now Get Your Poetry On

As drab winter weather breaks way for a pleasant spring sun, I am reminded of the elaborate, seasonal descriptions of the earth rotating on its axis that a number of timeless poets have recorded. The warm spring sun licking your face, fresh wind blowing petals all around (and hopefully not clogging your head), the overall […]


Free ‘Pie’ for All

Ohio-based bluesy-rock n’ roller Shane Piasecki has lots to bring to the table when it comes to having a good time:​The end of July saw him play a free show, with pie (pun intended—his last name is literally pronounced ‘pie-uh-seck-ee,’ how can you go wrong there?) and awesome tunes at Nashville’s Mercy Lounge. Tunes to […]

Cyndi Harvell

Cyndi Harvell’s newest release Heartache & Revolution is about the human experience, “the disasters we go through (metaphorical and literal), the imperfections, the messes, the rebuilding that happens afterward — and how we’re all connected to each other, how the human experience is a shared one and we’re never alone. It’s optimistic and hopeful, a celebration […]


LEOPOLD AND HIS FICTION: Making Fiction a Reality

I can’t say I’ve seen a more entertaining show yet this year. Originally from Detroit, but now stampeding right out of Austin, Texas is Leopold and His Fiction, an eccentric trio that isn’t afraid to show its bones.  I had the opportunity to chat with front man Daniel James before their show at the High […]

chiara ferragni cat eye glasses

Keeping it Cool this Summer

After a hiatus from my EVOLve column, I am back and ready to keep everyone up to date on all things stylish and lovely. Let’s jump right back in at the obvious place to begin: Summer. We all feel that warm relief of 75 degree days. Pool time, beach trips, and sun hats are no […]



  I’m sitting in front of Fido in Hillsboro Village reading my copy of East of Eden, waiting for my interview with Shane Piasecki, when a hand lightly slaps the table and a guy in sunglasses and a V-neck sits down to greet me. He’s a little fashionably late, but I’ll let that one slide. […]

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